Crown Weekend 

We went away to celebrate Gages birthday! Watch here: Crown Please give a thumbs up if you like it!  Gg xx


Left Out

So I tried something new this week; check it out and see what you think ➡️➡️ Left Out GG xx

What a bitch…

So I suck at getting these out regularly - sorry! Life is just crazy at the moment with work, and study and meeting; the list goes on and on and on and on. You get the point. Plus it was my birthday last week. TO THE BLOG! Insecurity: uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence. ... Continue Reading →


I've been really sick lately and been busy with getting my assignments in for my course so haven't done a blog lately. I also have writers' block and have no idea what to write about so please excuse me if this blog is just a mess of nothingness. It's my birthday next week! This is... Continue Reading →


So Gage got a new job, woohoo! The downside, I haven't really seen him in 2 weeks. This work/life/play balance thing is hard. In one of the earlier blog posts, I mentioned how we balance our lives together and how we cope with opposite Body Clocks but recently with this new job everything has been thrown out of whack... Continue Reading →

Moving Out!

I haven't even written a single word and I'm feeling crazy nostalgic - looking for all these photos brought all feelings back at once. My first time moving out of home, my first time being independent and my first time living with boys that weren't my brother or my father. Hunter Court. Boy was this... Continue Reading →


Toxic relationships...something surely everyone has experienced growing up? Those friends who when you're friends with them everything is fine and nothing you do together has any consequences; but when you aren't friends with them you realise just how bad that friendship was. I have had a few toxic friendships over my time but there is... Continue Reading →

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