Growing Up…

I have realised lately that I am becoming more and more like my mother…and I am unsure whether this scares me or not.

Over the past few days, Gage & I have had some conversations that have led me to believe that I may indeed actually maybe be an adult (and following in my mother’s footsteps).

Gage wants to get a dog, which I am all down for don’t get me wrong…but only if he builds a fence, and picks up the poo, and trains it, and walks it. When we first started having this conversation an alarm in the back of my head called ‘My Mother’ went off…and all the things she has said to either my dad or siblings echoed inside my head and I had to take a minute. Do the things our parents say actually rub off on us?! I mentioned the above things to Gage and as they were coming out of my golly I tell you what that alarm got louder and louder. ESPECIALLY when I said that I didn’t want the responsibility of the dog to fall back on me.

A shiver went down my spine.

Another conversation we had was taking that next step and moving in together and again, the alarm went off. Things like:
* Will he pick up after himself
* I’m going to be cooking dinner all the time
* The dishes won’t necessarily┬ábe put away (although 90% of the time he is pretty good at this)
* When I want something done is it going to take days like it does at Mum & Dads?!

The list went on….

All these little conversations that I have either overheard or been a part of when I lived at mum and dad’s came rushing back to me and the ‘Mother’ alarm went off louder than ever. I was actually taking lessons learnt by my parents into consideration. Or maybe it isn’t really lessons but behaviour patterns from my dad that I can see in Gage…

THAT’S THE OTHER THING – I am beginning to see more and more qualities in Gage that are scarily like my dad. And I ask you, is it true what they say; a girl ends up marrying someone like their dad?! Because if so – oh boy, I am going to have my work cut out for me. Not in a bad way no, just, the amount of cheekiness, sassy and sarcasm-filled energy this kid has – but we bounce off of each other so that’s ok in the end.

Anyway, back to my original thought process – I feel I went off on a tangent; do we actually listen to our parents and when we start acting or thinking like them does this mean we are real adults…

GG xx


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