Moving Out!

I haven’t even written a single word and I’m feeling crazy nostalgic – looking for all these photos brought all feelings back at once. My first time moving out of home, my first time being independent and my first time living with boys that weren’t my brother or my father.

Hunter Court. Boy was this house a nut house. My mother likes to refer to it as ‘similar to a crack den’. It started out as 3 people: Myself, Jay & Leigh. We were the ones who officially lived there, we were the ones on the lease. But I can tell you now we were not the only ones who lived there. I cannot remember a single night where there wasn’t someone else in that house to begin with; whether it be Jason, Yvette, a one night stand for Leigh…there was always always always people coming and going in that little house. It also taught me the pooping was OK – when we first moved in I was terrified of pooping when the boys were home but by the end of the lease I learnt that it is in fact, OK for girls to poop.

We moved in with our beds, a fridge, a table and a velvet green 80’s style couch. We sat on boxes and bedding for weeks and ate from our hands. At one point we even had to sit on benches for lack of chairs:

Image may contain: indoor

There aren’t enough words to describe my experience in this house, it was both a happy experience and a sad one. I became independent and learnt to stand on my own two feet – I learnt to cook my first meal in this house but my depression and anxiety went through the roof at the same time. I was never OK with the amount of people coming and going and that took a long time to get used to. Jay & I were on the rocks for…pretty much the entire time of being in that house. But I met my soul mate, my other half (here come the tears) and my best friend Leigh.

Leigh & I weren’t great friends before Hunter Court – I believe the first time he met me it was pure hatred actually, but a few drunken nights later and we had agreed we were soul mates & we would live together and that was that. We were pretty much inseparable. Leigh helped me with so much more than he will ever know and I cannot give him enough credit or love or thanks for the wisdom and strength he gave me. We had arguments – I even had to call the police on him one night it was that large of an argument but that’s a story for another time, but it was always love with Leigh & I. It was always laughs. The brutality & honesty of his nature was a blessing and a curse – I think that’s why I am able to put up with Gage – but he was the kick in the butt when you needed it and the hug and kiss when necessary. This is one friendship I will forever be thankful for and I have never cried harder (than I am writing this) than when he got on a plane and travelled  half way around the world never to return. He is my best friend, my teacher and my GAY SOUL MATE.

Image may contain: 1 person

Jay left the house & took himself off the lease about 4 months in (better opportunities arrived) so in came Emily. Someone else who I am incredibly thankful for. Again I didn’t know Emily very well at this stage so I think we all kind of took a risk when she moved in, but, it proved to be hella fucking worth it and I am proud to say she is also now my bestest friend ever. Her and I managed to turn that house around and 3 three of us then became the 3 musketeers, there were fewer people in and out (so much better for my anxiety), the bad eggs that used to visit us were no longer around and the house just seemed lighter and happier with Emily in it. I think it was the amount of fairy lights she brought with her but it was probably also how wonderfully cheerful she always was.

Of course, there were fights as well – it wasn’t always hunky-dory, especially with her & Leigh – you get that when you have two stubborn (sometimes hot-headed) individuals but it always came back to laughter and smiles at the end of the day. I have that many happy memories from her & I living together at Hunter Court that my brain would explode with feelings if I thought too hard about it. Emily & I got along that well we ended up moving to another house just the two of us and that brought more laughs and adventures. Image may contain: 3 people

Through all this, I grew to be an incredibly strong, happy person and I wouldn’t have made it without going through the whirlwind adventure that was Hunter Court. It killed me and then made me stronger than ever. The people I lived with, Jay, Leigh & Emily came to be the closest friends I’ve got and each person individually contributed to who I am today.

And for anyone else moving out for the first time – make sure it’s with friends first – it’s an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

GG xx


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