So Gage got a new job, woohoo! The downside, I haven’t really seen him in 2 weeks. This work/life/play balance thing is hard.

In one of the earlier blog posts, I mentioned how we balance our lives together and how we cope with opposite Body Clocks but recently with this new job everything has been thrown out of whack and we are having to learn all over again.

Gage legitimately works (or has so far) 5 nights a week 5:00pm till minimum 1:00am at the new job and  2 nights a week 8:00pm till around 3:00 or 4:oo am at the club. Now, there is no way in hell I am getting out of bed at 1:00am every night just so I can see my man! I will pick him up once or twice a week but does the drive to drop him off even really count as seeing each other?

We had this issue when we first started dating but that was when we had weeknights to make plans for one another, which we don’t seem to have (so far) this time around. AND IT’S REALLY FUCKING HARD.

I know we don’t have it as hard as others but I am really struggling – luckily for me, he has had a cold the past 3 or 4 nights so didn’t go to work in the kitchen (ew) and spent these nights here at my house. Which meant 3 nights in a row of uninterrupted quality Gage time; although it seems to be a bit of a battle between myself and all the bloody consoles in the study. I can never tell whose winning his attention. He even had last night off work which meant we were able to go out together and have a few drinks with some friends which we don’t normally get to do…thank god for public holidays though!

We woke up this morning and I mentioned that it had been 3 nights in a row and asked if he was sick of me yet – his response was no not at all but he was ready for some alone time. So, he is in the study doing his thing and I am out in the lounge trying not to go in there and annoy him. This is something else we are getting used to; the only other time we have really spent more than 2 consecutive days together was when we went on a holiday for 6 days but maybe I’ll write about that another day.

But out of all of this, once the work week starts again I go back to sitting alone in my house for 5 nights a week with the only conversation I have is with my cats. Ashleigh moved 40 minutes away so it’s not like she is just around the corner from me anymore to keep me company, so most nights it is legitimately me, myself and the 2 cats. It can be pretty lonely at times…I feel like I am repeating myself like in the other blog but I feel like sometimes these things need to be vented. I have spent so much time lately venting to friends but it doesn’t help in the long run.

I said to a friend I don’t really have a choice in the matter – I can’t exactly get annoyed at the fact he is working lots can I, it’s a good thing and it means we will get closer to our goals faster but I WOULD LIKE TO SEE MY PARTNER ONCE IN AWHILE AND NOT JUST WHEN HE IS SICK. Is this what being a grown up is? Working ourselves into the ground and not seeing each other? What will it be like when we finally have kids?

Future Georgia problems.

People seem to think we have our shit together and we are all fine and dandy all the time, but you try dating someone you pretty much legitimately don’t see most days and tell me you don’t have issues. OR if you do have any idea what I am talking about – how do you cope?!

As I said to a friend: Time to put my big girl undies on, ride the wave and see what happens when we come out the other end of the tunnel.

GG xx



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