Boys vs Girls…

Who is better to live with? Boys, or girls? Males, or females?

They both have their pros and cons and I have experienced living with both. Now, my experiences may be similar or completely different and by no means am I saying what I go through is the same as everyone else out there.


  • Smelly
  • Leave toilet seats up
  • Messy
  • Loud
  • Boisterous
  • Logical
  • Always Laughing

I CANNOT tell you how many times I have fallen into the toilet because a boy has left the seat up. When I lived with the boys, Leigh had gone out & Jay had gone to bed. It was about 11:00 PM and all the lights were off in the house; I needed a wee. Off I stumbled in the dark, and trying not to disturb sleeping beauty didn’t turn any lights on – I got that stuck and in such an awkward position one of my friends had to come over to help me out! I’m blaming you, Jayden John.

Gage is actually pretty good at putting the toilet seat down though…

They are also very loud. Males naturally have louder voices because they are deeper (travels further). So you can pretty much hear everything when living with boys. I also happened to have a window on the deck where everyone sat outside so that didn’t help. EVERYTHING boys do is loud: walking, talking, cooking, watching tv, peeing. For a year, I could not understand how just walking around the house became such a loud task! From scuffing feet or wearing high heels for the hell of it, wherever they walked you could hear them; one end of the house to the other.

Now I am not the cleanest person out there, and my mother will agree. 90% of the time my bedroom is a mess. BUT the rest of the house is spotless especially now it’s my own home. However, boys can definitely be 10 times messier than girls (in my experience). Leaving dirty clothes all over the house, dirty dishes on the deck or in the kitchen, beard clippings, leftover food. I was not overly clean myself but I didn’t leave beard hair everywhere that’s for sure.

There was one particular housemate that was so (lazy) messy that a pot of spag bowl sauce sat untouched FOR MONTHS. It wasn’t until Emily moved in that we found said pot and immediately threw it out. There was no saving this particular pot.

It’s not all complaint though, I think I have mentioned it before. One of the best pieces of advice came from Leigh. Boys think logically about most things, so whenever you’re having any issues put your boy hat on and think logically about it and then reassess. SAVES MY LIFE (and relationship from crazy girl drama). Boys also have a way of making everything funny. Whenever I was sad and lived with boys (Gage included) they always made me laugh no matter the amount of sad I was. Whether it was making me a cup of tea and telling jokes, or playing pranks on other people for my benefit. Leigh once got a pot of water with ice and whilst Jay was in the shower opened the shower door and threw it on him – that made me laugh pretty damn hard.

They also stand up for you and look out for you. Protection. If there was ever an axe murderer a boy is who I’d like to protect me. Leigh had a habit of bringing home ‘strays’ as we used to call them. One particular stray was on our couch one weekend and not knowing who, or what, or how (possible axe murderer) we sent Jason down to investigate. Turns out, not a murderer but now a good friend of Jason & Gage, this being how we met.


  • Bitchy
  • Petty
  • Borrow makeup & clothes before asking
  • Great listeners
  • Always there for you
  • Put up with the crazy

Girls are bitches. Everyone knows this and girls acknowledge this. We. Are. The. WORST. We will be great friends to your face but stab you multiple times in the back the second you turn away. It’s a known fact and no point denying it.

One particular housemate was that bitchy & petty she turned everyone against everyone and caused multiple arguments between housemates to the point where I was left alone in an cold & empty house for the night with quite the letter left behind. Looking back now I think who even has the time?! Why did I cry about that, she was batshit nutso anyway.

Also very petty. Labeling food and belongings (the dvds turned out to be a good idea at a later date). Drinks in the fridge had initials on them, snacks in the cupboard had initials on them, butter, fruit, milk, rice. You name it and it was initialed (and probably recorded somewhere). If you made noise late at night she made ten times more noise the next morning or visa versa.

BUT, girls also make the best housemates because they get you better than boys. They understand period pains, and uncontrollable mood swings, crying for no reason. Girls just understand each other.

They put up with the crazy better than some guys can. If I want to randomly start dancing to no music in the lounge room they wont stare at you like you’re from another planet – they will rip their clothes off and join in. When you want to sit quietly in front of the heater with tea watching McLouds Daughters for 5 days because you’re sad, they wont annoy you or make you get up. They sit their but down next to you and sit for 5 days supplying nutrients like chocolate and wine and they will wait until you’re ready to talk about it.

When you run over a cat and cry hysterically for hours on end, they will bang on your door until you let them in or call another friend for backup to help.

Endless Kmart runs, endless chocolate runs, endless car rides because life got boring and we needed to go hard rubbish hunting. They just do things because you want to with no explanation needed.

Girls don’t leave other girls behind. Not when you’re true friends they don’t. If you’re girlfriend is bailing on you all the time, or won’t come round at 3am after you watched The Notebook because you wanted to cry but now can’t stop crying – you need to get yourself a new friend.

I have loved, loved, loved living with both genders; they both bring something to the table the other doesn’t.

All these experiences though, as much as I treasure them and love remembering them each blog I or Emily come up with, living with Gage and everything he brings with him, wins out above all else. You can live with girlfriends or male friends but nothing compares to living with your partner.


mainly because they have to be there for everything and can’t just say nope.


GG xx



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