I’ve been really sick lately and been busy with getting my assignments in for my course so haven’t done a blog lately. I also have writers’ block and have no idea what to write about so please excuse me if this blog is just a mess of nothingness.

It’s my birthday next week! This is the first year I haven’t overly been excited for my birthday, I don’t know why I am just not as enthused this year. For anyone who knows me, I normally get really excited about my birthday and count down from the start of the month but I haven’t this time. BUT I am excited because Emily organised a dinner with all my friends which I LOVE her for so that will be good!

Oh yeah, I wanted to talk about being mentally strong and having strong people around you or in your life. One of my very close friends had the day from hell recently; they are normally such a happy person but this time they just weren’t, it was almost as if they were deflated. We were sitting there talking but when someone would walk past and say hello they were as chipper as anything, put a smile on and carried out a conversation as if everything in the world was fine; but I could see that it just wasn’t genuine (when you have been friends for as long as we have you can tell the difference between genuine happiness and strained ‘game face’ happiness). Anyway, we were talking about the day from hell and how they still had the rest of the day to go; but the whole time we were talking I just couldn’t help but think about how strong this person is. The ability to constantly put on a game face and to carry on like nothing was bothering them was astounding to me. It showed me that I can be strong too and as bad as it sounds, it put me in a good mood for the rest of the day because I knew I will forever be surrounded by such incredible people who show me how to be strong.

What else can I talk about? Oh I know, I SUCK at being organised – it is my worst trait. I like to think I am organised and pretend to know what’s going on but in reality, I am just all over the shop. Last night, I came home from work and got excited because I found something to cook for dinner without having to go to the shops, so, I started cooking dinner, got everything out of the fridge and then halfway through mixing all the stuff together in a bowl (cannelloni) I remembered I had to feed mum & dad’s dogs because they are all in Bali & Ella was at work. I dropped everything and had to rush over there to feed them and lock them in the laundry. Now, it was only 6:30 PM when I remembered so it’s not like it was crazy late at night but I had known I needed to do this for a day or so and still forgot about it.

I’m the same with my assignments, I have known they needed to be in for months and left them until the very last minute and even then didn’t get all of them in any way (have now).

Maybe it’s more so that I am forgetful rather than unorganised – or both.

I don’t always adult very well.

Anyway, sorry for the drivel but I just could not for the life of me think of anything so instead we have a pointless blog for this week 🙂

GG xx


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