What a bitch…

So I suck at getting these out regularly – sorry! Life is just crazy at the moment with work, and study and meeting; the list goes on and on and on and on. You get the point. Plus it was my birthday last week.


Insecurity: uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence. 

Insecurities. What a bitch. I want to talk about insecurities you face in life. Now, this post is going to be quite…broad…because I don’t want to throw anyone in the deep end so if it doesn’t make sense then I apologise now.

Whether they appear in friendships, loving relationships, or when you see a stranger walking down the street; most of us face living daily with all kinds of insecurities running around our heads 24/7.

I was bullied from grade 6 all the way up to about year 11 when I started wearing makeup and dyed my hair blonde. To this day I am still insecure about my looks, my skin sucks and is not the best so you’ll rarely see me out without makeup on (which is ridiculous I know), is my hair OK, I haven’t had my eyebrows done in months are people judging me, I’m paler than a ghost – blah blah blah. These effect my everyday life, from what clothes I choose to wear to how I do my makeup.

Most of the time, I am OK with how I look but on one of those days where nothing is going your way, it’s never a good time.

Insecurities in relationships are all together a different kettle of fish. When it comes to this, I think it is important to talk to your partner about them and how you’re feeling. A conversation was had recently where all of this was spoken about, and it was admitted that it was crazy thoughts; but these thoughts can do that to a person. And that’s why I think it is important to talk about them, even if it is to just be reassured that yes they are ridiculous thoughts and no nothing is wrong with us as a couple.

hate that Gage works in an environment where, 90% of the time, girls are pretty much naked. Uhm, hello! I don’t look like them and he is going to a place where there will be boobies in his face?! Ok not literally, but sometimes girls do go in just lingerie – not great for me.

But I trust him and love him and know that he loves me for who I am – despite being part of the itty bitty titty committee.

It’s not just girls that do this stuff either, boys can be crazy girlfriends too!

Now, when it comes to friends (best friends) you wouldn’t think that this is a thing. Why would you need to be insecure about yourself with your best friend who is supposed to love you no matter what? (I am not tooting my own horn please) I have a very fast metabolism which means that unless I stick to a really decent diet I find it difficult to put on weight and maintain that weight. The amount of friends that make comments about my weight is actually crazy! Which makes me hella insecure about my body – and I have other friends in the other situation but reversed. AND I THINK YOU SHOULD BE LOVED NO MATTER IF YOU’RE SQUARE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE OR SOMETHING IN BETWEEN.

I think it’s actually banananananas that I have friends (me included) that are insecure that they don’t look like the rest of their friends, or even have friends that make these comments. ONE FRIEND EVEN HAS A PARTNER THAT SAYS THIS! That is a huge no no to me.

Having anxiety I feel, intensifies all of this. Because you mull over it, and think about it, and can’t help but to sweat over people judging you, or freaking out that your relationship is ending because Joe Blow down the road wolf whistled at your partner (not a reference to something I have experienced).

I would love to instill into anyone who reads my blogs the self confidence that they need to get them through the day. If one person can benefit from me telling you, that you ARE beautiful then that’s me done. Because I do think that everyone deserves to be told they are beautiful in their own way and that all will be OK in the world eventually.

I don’t know if any of that even really makes any sense or flows in the right way, but I hope you get my point.

GG xx


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